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Rooftop dreams

Paris is a romantic city in many ways. It is a place that embodies the dreams of so many people. If any of you have seen Woody Allen’s movie Midnight in Paris you have a strong example of how it makes people fantasize. It’s easy to believe that one’s life would be better if one only lived in this great inspirational city.

Well that dreamy feeling doesn’t stay constant forever (read my other post about that) but it does have an ebb and flow when coaxed by the seasons, or the different people we meet, or by the things we come across…

One things that gives me that dreamy feeling is a vision of the rooftops of this city, or a peek into a cozy window where someones (hopefully) charmed life is panning out. The rooftops of Paris have been romanticized to the utmost, but there is reason why, there’s so much to see on the rooftops. With such a myriad of levels and angles who knows what marvelous things lie on the other side of the skylights, and the ceramic chimney pots on top of the tin roof makes me dream of the 19th century like some silly Woody Allen character! I also like to do what I call “apartment watching” as I roll by in the bus or taxi, I “window shop” the apartments I see swishing past the window, and wonder what architectural delights are held in side, what type of scene does the cozy lighting  illuminate, what character is that standing in the window… this city has plenty to light up one’s imagination….















  1. I love these photos and like you said they really capture the romantic side of Paris. There are few things more beautiful than getting a bird’s eye view of the city!

  2. It’s very fun to see the rooftop gardens and tables and relaxing spaces!
    C’est fun aussi to discover your Paris blog!
    Bonjour d’EAGAN daily photo blog in Minnesota

  3. You snoop too!! The best time to “drift” into people’s homes and lives is when it is dark and the lights are on – you see a chandelier shimmering showing off some glorious art on the walls, and you wonder…..

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