I think Rick Owens really loves Paris. He’s always here! Or at least it looks like he is. LOL!

I was showing a colleague who was in town the Serge Lutens boutique at the Palais Royal galleries, and as we were waiting for the perfume to develope on his arms (he tested several), we strolled around the covered gallery to window-shop (or lèchcer les vitrines si vous voulez). As we pased by the Rick Owens boutique we, looked through the glass and were surprised to see…Rick Owens himself! He was standing up on a shallow podium, and I assumed they were doing some kind of photo shoot…. he was standing really still. Too still. « He’s not blinking » I said to my colleague. We waited a minute. Then decided that it was sure, Rick Owens was made of wax.
I find this rather hilarious, that he has a wax statue of himself in the boutique. I supose it is to show shoppers how to wear the clothing? But what I really want to know is if they add tatoos on the wax statue if Rick gets a new one…? Hahaha!

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  1. hi Im a huge rick owens fan and if you want hilarious you should see his place in London ! his head is on a block ! in wax !

  2. OMG does Rick Owens ever look like Anthiny Keidis circa Blood Sugar Sex Magic!

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