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Spring Fling


When not quite all of the trees have starting sprouting buds yet, but Spring is in the air, anything bright and flowery tends to catch the attention of Parisians, after having schlepped through another gray winter… So little patches of promise are a joy to find throughout the city, and we tend to give them much more attention when the contrast of seasons is upon us.


Place du Liuetenant Henri Karcher, never really sollicites my attention the rest of the year, but it was so bright and cheery as I passed it the other day… I couldn’t resist. Full of blooming tulips of all colors it was something of a spectacle amongst all the beige and gray buildings… all dressed up for Spring.




And just around the corner from here? My favorite boutique! To help inspire a “spring-y” step in my feet! 😉


  1. Beautiful pictures! I love finding little signs of Spring on my walks around Paris. The full colors really make you appreciate the change of seasons!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! So glad to see Paris now has some less formal gardens w/ more of a mixture of colors & blooms.

  3. Melissa- Do you know anything about Facebook blocking all sharing of WordPress blogs? I first discovered it when I could not share one of Sion’s posts on Paris (im)perfect (& I filled in FB’s inquiry, “post here if you think this is in error), then found I could no longer share lolcats from Icanhascheeseburger (tho they could still have a fb page & post from that onto my newsfeed), and now your blog. When I researched blocks on one of fb’s sites, it said if the blocked blog is not “spammy,” the block must be b/c of the web server & that it’s up to them [in this case, WordPress], to drop their spammy content– & I don’t even know what that could be!] It really bothers me that I can’t share your lovely Spring flowers w/ my francophile fb friends.

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