French Fun

Mon petit doigt m’a dit… – A little bird told me…

Fun with French :

When you don’t want to tell others who your informant was (on whatever topic it may be)… blame it on your little finger.”Mon petit doigt m’a dit que…”

Perhaps that’s what they should do in the Bettencourt/Woerth affair! Ha!

In english we blame it on a little bird. Like twitter maybe!

PS : Don’t google images for the two key words “finger” and “bird” (not for children). I was looking for something cute, I swear.

Another fun expression I like is :

“Être un ours mal léché”. Literally is means to be a badly licked or  tongue-bathed bear, figuratively it means “to be an ogre” or a “grumpy pants”, or an ill-behaved little monster. You could use this for someone who is NOT a morning person.

That must be what Sarkozy is like after he sees his popularity poll results!

And this one just makes me laugh a lot : “Mener les poules à pisser” which literally means to bring the chickens out to pee!!! Ha! The figurative meaning is to busy oneself with insignificant or fictive duties that have no real purpose. Hmmm… sounds like Séolène Royal.

Ségolène Royale sur le muraille de Chine 2007

For more fun expressions in French, check out this website. (site in French) and comment with your favorite!


  1. Je savais déjà “le petit doigt,” mais pas ces expressions avec l’ours et les poules. Je les adore! Merci pour le “linque” aussi!

  2. Oh, là, là! Je viens de m’inscrire au site “” et son page, Demande d’abonnement confirmée et le plus rigolo que j’aie jamais lue! Merci, encore!

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