Piratage Olympique – Olympic Pirating

At the Olympia

Sept 24th 2010, Paris…

Jimmy Buffet took the prestigious concert hall by storm! There we fins and feathers, coconuts and crazies, pirates and parrots and all of the the “people that our parents warned us about” having a good time. Tailgating turned into a party on the sidewalk. As his only European show on this tour, there were people from all over, but the audience was as usual predominantly American. What makes his Paris shows so special is the size of the venues he plays. He said so himself that this year at the Olympia and four years ago at the New Morning (with onyl 200 people) were definitely his best shows since a long time.

The seats on the ground level of the theater were taken out to give room for the crowd that packed in. Standing-room-only was tight. Somehow we managed to finagle out way up onto the balcony where the view was much better and we had a bit more room to move.

Jimmy played all his French and Paris songs, he even invited French musician Antoine to come and sing “Chanson pour les petits enfants”… and at the end of the show after the band had left, he grabbed his accoustic and sat on the edge of the stage and sang more for us.

It was a show to remember. Cheers to Jimmy coming back to Paris every year!

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