Étiquette : summer

Remnants of the Summer Season

We are basculating between the last shreds of Summer and the beginning of the delicious part of Fall, the part were we get to take out our fabulous Fall pieces and enjoy them whilst the weather isn’t too harsh. Fall fashion is the best because we don’t need heavy winter coats yet. this gives us a chance to let our… Read more →

My perfumes

I am a bit of a perfume junkie. If you have been followinng this blog for any significant length of time you may have figured that out yourself. I think I have a slightly accute sense of smell and an infidèle addiction to perfumes. But there are a handful of scents that I truly, truly  love, and will hold onto for… Read more →

Waves of change – Les vagues de la transformation

Prête-à-Porter Spring/Summer 2011 fashion week opened up in Paris yesterday with a slow saunter. Among the afternoon and evening défilés there were some interesting things to see from Spanish designer Amaya Arzuaga and Portuguese Designer best known for her most-expensive-bathing-suit-in-the-world (year 2000), Fatima Lopes. Arzuaga explored the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly with geometrical cuts and very textured… Read more →

Fair-weather Fair – Fête Foraine qu’on aime

The fair… Oh the fair, that summer event that we always waited for as kids, with sheer anticipation and excitement. The smell of fried dough and ice-cream cones, the sound of children shrieking with delight as they are hurled around by those mechanical things (or with fatigue as they scream to be let out of the stroller); the sight of… Read more →

à la fraiche – a place to chill

The French have a certain « méfiance » or wariness towards air-conditioning. They believe that it will make you sick, destroy your lungs, and probably annihilate your little grandmother. But there is truth to their paranoia about recycled and refrigerated air. I clearly remember the only strep-throat I ever had was when I was in Florida, going from sticky heat to frigid… Read more →

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