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Shiatzy Chen – Deep Purple and the Blues – #PFW

Taiwanese designer, Shiatzy Chen took over the Ecole de Beaux Arts in Paris this past fashion week to show her Autumn-Winter 2011-2012 collection. A maze-like runway with deep moody lighting gave the spectators a significant amount of time to view each item even though they moved quite quickly. The collection supposedly inspired by Anna Wintour and the chic working-girl type… Read more →

Fashion week Fun!

Half the fun of fashion week is seeing all the fashionistas and cavaliers strutting around. Some take themselves VERY seriously, some don’t have a serious hair on their head, but 100% of them are fabulous to look at. And fashion week is a sort of oggle yourself silly free-for-all, where anything goes! Comment if you have names for me! Read more →

Commuun – AWW1112 Paris Fashion Week

BACK TO BASICS Set to music by Koji Miyakawa, the Commuun show started out with a « white is white » (production)  virginal palette and moved progressively towards an almost rainbow status, with a concentration on volumes and shapes displayed by ample ruffling mostly around the bust. The collection also goes from an almost sports-wear style to a fluffy-girlie style, yet retains… Read more →

Kelsey Close – Closeup

P1060517, première mise en ligne par PreteMoiParis. Kelsey Close : Met modeling at the Zahair Murad presentation today in Paris’ 8th arrondissement for the AW1112 Paris fashion week, she stood out not only because she was wearing the most eye-catching gown of the collection, but because she has a simmering stare and a Betty Draper look (if Betty Draper were… Read more →

DEVASTEE – Paris fashion week AW1112

… Devastée…rock and rebel as they like it. The style of the brand reminds me of Avril Lavigne (who was actually recently in Paris and visiting the Catacombes de Paris – are you surprised!?!) Not the kind of garb I would wear, but it does have an audience I suppose (teens with angst?).  Smoky blacks, pale-skin whites, bone-clay jewelry, a… Read more →

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