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The Alexis Grüss Circus in Paris

We were invited to one of the most magical circus performances I have ever seen. The Alexis Grüss circus is performing their new creation (the latest in their 40 year repertoire):  Pégase & Icare.  But more than an enchanting circus, the Alexis Grüss enterprise, is a family of artists, a family that works together and passes down their traditions and knowledge to the next generations. At least half of the artists on stage are members of the Alexis Grüss family, along with Mr Alexis Grüss himself (who is indeed a descendant of a long line of circus artists)! The other half of the performers are from the Les Farfadais acrobats troupe. The two entities have joined forces under the umbrella of the Alexis Grüss circus and name, to offer an incredible show of aerial and equestrian acrobats that literally take your breath away.


Dancing with the most lithe flexibility, the acrobats’ incredible muscular bodies twirl and spin through the air as if they had wings, like so many children of Icarus, only they don’t fall to the ground, they gently land on perfectly arched feet. The Grüss family, delicately holding their training whips, instruct stunning hoofed beasts to run and dance and rear just at the whisper of a command, while the youthful men of the family go running across stage to jump on their backs. Have you ever seen a man launch himself onto a running horse and then juggle fire while jumping and pirouetting on said horse? We have. It’s pretty insane.

Alexis Gruss Pegase & Icare

Alexis Gruss Pegase & Icare

Two and a half hours of 1 singing diva that we nicknamed “fake Cher” because of her unbelievable outfits (her real name is Barbara Nicoli), over 20 artists and 40 horses, we had an evening where we completely disconnected from reality and dove into a mythical fairy realm with utter enthusiasm. I highly, highly recommend this show for people of all ages. You will be so very glad you went. This isn’t just your average circus, this a long-time family grown tradition of French circus arts of amazing talent, stamina and creativity. By far the BEST circus I have yet to see!

Book your tickets here. They will be performing in Paris until March 6th, 2016, and then on tour in France between March and May. Go catch some of their contagious magic!

Alexis Gruss Pegase & Icare


Lou Messugo

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