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Men in the City Soirée eparisiens

Article by Charles Gillman


I was invited for Prête-Moi Paris to the eparisiens ‘Men in the City’ soirée given by Willina, a digital communication agency that specializes in blogger outreach for brands run by two parisian women who have been blogging for years themselves. The event was held at the Habitat Parisien’s loft appartment in the 11th arrondissement. A gorgeous apartment that can be rented for a fabulous stay in Paris. The event was introducing us to this spacious abode as well as products from Logitech, Slendertone, Gustave & cie, and Clarins Men.



But back to the soirée…

I was off to the rue Popincourt loft, where they’d invited different bloggers to mingle and to try out different brands. I thought I was running late but I was almost one of the first one’s there… Isn’t that awkward in Paris? Parisians always tend to be fashionably late.

LOFT2 (640x427)

My coat was taken and a glass of champagne was handed to me. My first stop was to go and see Slendertone, but I got stuck at the sushi buffet for about thirty minutes on the way there. Irony?

So in I went to start talking toning. They showed me several different methods of toning and there was even a small toning machine for the face, which looked like a pair of headphones. They slapped one on me which for the abs, which evidently involved me unbuttoning my shirt, revealing the skeletal structure. To be honest, it was an interesting feeling, but I’m one of these people that are super against photoshopped bodies, topless photos on instagram and people that spend hours lifting pieces of metal everyday at the gym to confide to society’s vision of what the body should look like. I’m a much more cover it all up, throw on a pair of big glasses and a scarf, grab a coffee and go and meet some friends for a few hours for some interesting conversation. So unfortunately I don’t think I was in their clientele. But it was an interesting device and certainly could benefit people looking for a little boost in their exercise regime.


Handed another glass of champagne (more irony?!?)

Secondly I headed off to Gustave & cie, a Made in France brand created by two French designers from Dijon, and who have just started creating metal bow ties! A very new concept and a cool trend. I was super excited to have received one as a gift and showed it off when I went for lunch at Le Dôme Du Marais last week. It’s certainly a different concept that seems to be becoming trendy at the moment.





Then it was time for Logitech where I was completely lost (I’m not tech savvy, which actually involves not being able to use touch screen phones), so I’m probably the only person on this planet that uses a blackberry. Beneficial, Logitech showed off their wireless keyboard where you can dock your ipad and your smartphone at the same time. Switching between devices to go between your calendar, emails etc. Their Keys-to-go bluetooth keypad also is resistant to spills like coffee… with all the coffee I drink…I could use that!


Last but not least, cosmetics! I’ve been in the industry for ten years so I’m pretty fussy when it comes to trying out new things as my skin often looks like a disco ball shining away, but feels super dry, probably dehydrated from all the French wine. I’d never tried Clarins, yes I know, in ten years! So luck had it that they were there. They gave me an Anti-Fatigue eye serum as well as a Revitalising Gel for the face. I’ve tried them and I do like them, however I do think that these would be my summer moisturisers as my skin still felt taught and a little dry after using them. I love the new packaging that they are using; it’s very clean and up to date.




See the whole estory here for all the tweets and instagrams that were sent throughout the evening.


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