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Oriza Legrand – Perfume legends

Oriza Legrand Paris boutique There are perfume brands, and then there are perfume legends. Oriza Legrand is of the latter type. It is a brand that began centuries ago; in 1720 to be exact.

Sadly it did not survive the hardships of WWII and the company closed down.

But, two devoted connaisseurs, Franck Belaiche and Hugo Lambert, took on the challenge of reviving the brand. Refering to themwelves as successors of the brand, and not founders, they strive to recreate the brand’s perfumes exactly as they once were.

Not a short process, the revival of a brand. But through technology and experts, small vintage samples of the prefumes have been instrumental in bringing back to life the creations that once were THE luxury item to own in all of Paris.
Oriza Legrand Paris boutique

The Oriza brand holds its roots within the royal french court as the original founders of the precious beauty products and perfumes worked for the kind and queen of France. Marie Antoinette was a connaisseur. The brand made its way into the ownership of a Monsieur Legrand, and it became Oriza L. Legrand. Mr. Legrand advanced the brand so much that he even had a vaper factory installed in Levallois-Perret (a suberb town of Paris now) where their perfumes were made. The brand employed 200 men and women, quite a large enterprise at that time. The brand was also precurser in decorating perfume bottles and using attractive colors and designs to make them more appealing. The brand was more than just appealing, it was one that placed its values on quality ofproduct rather than quantity, although they were able to produce enough to please the pretty posh ladies of Paris (and beyond).
Oriza Legrand Paris boutique

In 1890 the prestigious boutique at la place de la Madeleine was created. Not that space is held by Baccarat, but Oriza L. Legrand was the occupant for many many decades.

Now Franck and Hugo have taken on this beautiful project, reviving perfumes of the past and bringing this prestigious house back to life and into the 21st century with an online boutique in addition to their pretty address at 18 rue Saint Augustin 75002.
Oriza Legrand Paris boutique
They have perfumes, but also perfumed soaps, beauty creams and other delightful products in their charming boutique. All of the products are made in the effort of retaining quality over quantity, and are crafted by artisans.
Oriza Legrand Paris boutique
Oriza Legrand Paris boutique
Oriza Legrand Paris boutique
Oriza Legrand Paris boutique
More scents are being analyzed from vintage samples and will soon join the other fine products on the shelves at 18 rue Saint Augustin. It is a slow process, and one that is done with much care and skill. But each new scent that will be revived is another page of glory for this ancient legendary house of perfume as it slowly but elegantly returns to the world of luxury in Paris.
Oriza Legrand Paris boutique



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  1. I’d never heard of this perfumery before but I love stories of glorious vintage revival. I’m fascinated! The design of the shop and labels is really fantastic, I love the turn of the century and art nouveau touches. I fully intend to visit the shop next time I’m in Paris and treat myself to something beautiful, fragrant and with history! Merci pour cette adresse !

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