Playing like kids in Paris Chéri and I went out to play on the last day of the carnival at the Grand Palais. It was a sugar-coated-colorful afternoon of playful diversion from daily life. I toted along my camera, knowing full well I was going to want to snap pictures like crazy. And I did. I have more in the flickr album if you don’t get enough here on the blog!  Enjoy my shots and let me know which ones are your top three favorites in the comments below.

*Candy Apply bisous from Paris!*

We went on the giant tobbagan slide, 40 meters of gigling together like were were 10 years old.

Then we went on the Ferris Wheel, which although it makes me nervous (vertigo) I love going on them. The view at the top was fabulous, looking out through the glass dome of the Grand Palais, onto the city of Paris. It felt so 19th century from that point of view!

Then we did the bumper cars and laughed so hard we could hardly drive straight, but then I think that is the point.

We indulged in hot dogs and oggled the other sweets, and then skipped on our merry way, feeling a few years lighter for the rest of the day.

Carnival at the Grand Palais

Barbe à Papa - Carnival Grand Palais

Grand Palais Carnival

Bons-Bons Carnival Paris

Carnival at the Grand Palais

Carrousel - Grand Palais - Paris January 2014

Paris Through the Grand Palais Glass

Candy Apples

Eiffel Through the Grand Palais Glass

Empty seats

Carnival Lights at the Grand Palais

Hot Dogs at the Carnival


Carnival at the Grand Palais

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  1. What great pics!! I could taste the cotton candy and the hot dogs. I so enjoy your postings. Reminds me of my first trip to Europe last summer. I spent 5 weeks between Paris and Provence. What Joy !!
    Blessings, Kat

    1. Merci for your lovely compliments Kat!

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