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Beauty is all in the Detaille

Mme Detaille, comtesse de PresleShe was one of the first women in Paris to acquire a motorized vehicle! The wealthy countess of Presle. She loved to drive, but like any self respecting parisienne at the time (or now for that matter) took great care to preserve her  beauty while remaining fantastically wild as one of the only women to drive a car around Paris. And in those days for a jolie automobilist, some beauty preservation was indeed urgently needed. Cars did not have a roof let alone a windshield! They looked something more like this :peugeot-1905Maison Detaille, 10 rue Saint Lazare

So to continue to brave the whipping wind as she careened (I’m imagining now) around the corners of the cobblestone streets of the French capital without damaging her looks, the lady needed some help from a friend. She asked her friend and chemist Marcellin Berthelot to create a protective and moisturizing cream that would keep her skin from the destructive elements due to driving a shieldless and roofless car. The first product was dully named : “Baume Automobile“. This gave way to her starting a line of cosmetics and beauty brand : Maison Detaille (her husband was the brother of painter Edouard Detaille), that the countess would go on to sell to her friends and then to clients from around the world. Madame Detaille’s connections within the royal courts of Europe also helped bring about a grand success of her products and the creation of new ones. The ordering notebooks were filled with the names of queens and princesses from around the world.



The Maison Detaille created lotions, powders for ladies maquillage, balms and creams, so many things to pamper yourself with for over 100 years.

I have tested their make-up powders, which are so fine, so soft and so light that I may just give up my Caron powder addiction for them!!! They are made out of extremely fine rice powder. It stays all day, and gives me an even look without a lot of product (I put it over a BB cream). I use two shades, one that is green (yes! green! It attenuates the red splotchiness that my skin tends to have. The result is really quite stunning) and the “Rachel” shade which is a translucent powder. Occasionally I will touch up the powder at midday, but I don’t necessarily need to. It lasts all day! I do touch up if I am heading out right after work.


Beyond skin creams and make-up powder, the house also makes perfumes, eau de toilette, eau de cologne (for the gentlemen) and scented candles. The scents are all distinct, have that vintage appeal undertone yet hold their own against more modern perfumes.


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And then there are all the fun things that come along with such a brand, the accessories! Like these amazing lightweight down puffs!


The boutique that is still standing today on the rue Saint Lazare is not the original address but has been around for a majority of the brands lifespan. It is a unique experience to find a single boutique of one brand that has a fabulous history behind it and owners who are willing to invest in its preservation and future. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable about all of the products, the history and has a great passion for this special brand.

Do go visit the shop and find a unique gift that can only be found in Paris for a special someone. Or for a delightful experience for yourself… You will not be disappointed.

10 rue Saint Lazare 75009 Paris  ☎

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