I was invited to a fun little event recently, a pop-up jewelry bar. Anahyse, the jewelry creator, had a little soirée et Loulou Friendly diner on the Boulevard Saint Germain. In a privatized and cozy room downstairs, she had us served a delicious cocktail invented by herself with a delicious hint of ginger and fruit. It was quite a tasty drink created with pizazz! (recalling her days as a bartender), and she had her jewelry presented throughout the room for everyone to browse, try on and purchase.

She was there with her husband and her two darling twin boys. The atmosphere was friendly, relaxed and cosmopolitan.

A super fun concept… The jewelry was fun and fantasy, with lots of color. More events like this will happen so stay tuned on her site.

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  1. What a great idea – cocktails and bling. Girl heaven.

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