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Basil Soda 2012 Couture

At the Couvent des Cordeliers January 24th 2012, Basil Soda’s goddesses glided down a long runway with mixed shadows and lighting, manned spot lights and then of course there is all that fluttering silk.


The belted gowns are a lovely evolution and give a modern look to the mermaid sillhouette that is the Basil Soda woman. Long, flowing, elegant…

Some people may say that his gowns are over-done but I like that red-carpet glam Basil Soda gives, and the detailing which reveals the savoir-faire tthat should be required in couture collections (in my humble opinion).

Photos : Yannis Vlamos


This black gown was an interesting deviation from the norm in the collection, with fringing and transperant lace :



The best part of a Basil Soda couture gown, is the way it moves with the gait of she who is dressed in it. These are gowns that are made to be worn and shown, and are relatively acceptable evening wear (for those movie premier-award ceremony moments). They certainly don’t stay stuck to the pages of a magazine. Basil Soda is being paraded all over the hollywood events these days.


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