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A Dreamy New Year

I saw many people writing posts at the end of December with a retrospective on the new year to come. I didn’t want to spend too much energy reminiscing on the past year here on my blog, since I already did a retrospective for my 2 year blog birthday in October, and well, I would rather look forward to 2012. Not that 2011 was a bad year! Au contraire!!! It was an amazing year! I changed jobs and Chéri asked me to marry him!!! Those two events topped the best-of list for my life in 2011.

But 2012, I know, will be a profound year. And I want to leave all doors and windows open for all the possibilities that might let them selves in. My most anticipated event for this year is my marriage to the love of my life next June. Beyond that, the sky is the limit!

So in honor of my hopes and dreams and all things me for this years’ possibilities, I thought it would be best described in a collage of photos and images compiled to set the mood….

I hope your new year is looking as bright as mine is. Cheers and wonderful things to you all!

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