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Aganovich #PFW Spring 2012

From Tuesday September 27th.
Outside of the gallery set for the Aganovich fashion show :
The catwalk was a round stage in the middle of the audience. Really it’s a great place for a play or performance as well as a fashion show.
The two actors that arrived on stage when the lights went down, were having a conversation about the condition of the artist and how to feel free, and it was argued by the clown/painter character that freedom was often found in an inebriated or intoxicated state. It seemed like the message that was trying to be passed was one of the artist being tired of conforming to the dictatorship of the market or the critics and what is asked of him (or her) by those institutions, whereas the artist would rather let free his (or her) own expression… Okay, so… I am going to assume that this message is coming from the designers who don’t want to necessarily conform their work to the demands of what is “in”…they’d rather let their creative expression drive the brand. Got it. But… If they do not want to allow the critics to impose their opinions or demands then why have a fashion show where you invite critics!?! And tell me, does announcing via two actors before the work is shown, that you do not want to conform, make you immune to all critique??? Because you say “we are artist who want to be free from the status quo” does this mean that those very critics you have invited to your show, should not voice their true opinion about your work???
I personally donot believe that just because something is non-conformist and non-mainstream, doesn’t mean we have to appreciate it or applaud it. And I can of course applaud hard work even if the result is unflattering to me, but don’t tell me ahead of time that I can’t say anything negative just because you are a non-conformist and therefore should not be judged with the others. If you want to play the game (of fashion week) you can’t change the way it’s played just for yourself. If critique is too much for you to handle, then don’t invite the critics to the table.


A circle of distorting mirrors was then errected after the departure of the actors. I’m going to again assume that this is a message from the designers who want to refuse the “way things are done” and remind us that the fashion world distorts the designer, and the model. Don’t hesitate to pipe in if you find my analysis way off track here.

And then the collection appeared, with baba-cool music and baba-cool sunglasses, funky hats, and some odd designs with organza that I would never wear, although I found the hats and glasses fun and interesting… they are not, by the way, designed by Aganovich.





Here it almost seems like they are going for a puritan look :

Is this in reference to Top chef or what???



Incognito :

Preening in front of the distortion mirror… each model before exiting the catwalk had to primp in front of the mirrror. Okay okay, I definitely like the idea of criticizing the negative sides of fashion, but it’s better to criticize with a postitive message, like Jean Paul Gaultier who brought Beth Ditto onto the catwalk last season. Rather than chastizing the entire institution of fashion, propose something constructive instead.

Anyone else have an opinion about all of this??? Please discuss!

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