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Haute Couture Week : slow down and have some champagne!


Couture week fluttered through Paris with a rustle of silks and champgne bubbles, July 4th through 7th, and I was lucky to be able to attend several shows. I will be reviewing them here and on Luxsure Magazine, but first I just wanted to briefly write my thoughts on couture fashion week.

Couture fashion week has a different vibe to it. It seems more relaxed, less hurried, less frenzied than prête-à-porter fashion week, and more luxurious. There is less crowding at the runway venue entrances, and designers and brands seem to take their time and pay a little bit closer to the minute details. Besides who wants to run around like crazy after two glasses of champagne?!? They serve it to you at many shows as you are waiting for the doors to open and the assistants to show you to your seat. Hmm… I could get used to this kind of fashion week!

But not to worry, prête-à-porter week is just around the corner in September! I’ll be there with bells on!


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