Mozilla Drumbeat – MozCamp Europe 2009

In Mark’s presentation, he touched on two issues that speak to me quite clearly. 1. Preserving the security of and stewarding the web; and 2. Where is the web going, in say…100 years? And how to orient it in the right direction.

On the first point, a fun comparison came to my mind… the web concerns ALL…just like the Métro (RATP) system concerns ALL (Parisians). Well if the web is not safe, protected and properly stewarded, it doesn’t benefit everyone and will lose it’s value and functionality for the greater public, for the greater good (advancement in a healthy way). Right? Same as the Métro. If the Métro is having problems, i.e. congestion, strikes, people illegally on the tracks, electric currant issues… EVERYONE is affected. What? You don’t take the Métro very often? But your colleague does, your assistant does, your babysitter does, your maid does, your massage therapist does, your son or daughter do, your baker does, your computer repair technician does!!! If they can’t use the Métro properly, it’s going to affect your life. This means we all need to take part in caring for the Métro, the Métro employees, the other passengers! and so on… When all the grooves are greased and things run well, Paris rolls along in a healthy, happy spin.

His second point makes me think of Paris as a whole, where will she be in 100 years? And how can we orient her in the right direction? Paris has issues to look at, such as building limits, affordable housing, the question of augmentation of the metropolis that is under the umbrella that is called ‘Paris’, what to do with all the tourists, residents, people, how to keep business alive and healthy in a culture that is leaning more and more towards service oriented businesses rather than producing something industrially, what about the trash, dog poo, pollution???

I am not claiming to offer up answers here, I am merely saying that Mark has a vision that we ALL can, and should pay attention to, because just as the Métro system, and the direction of Parisian life and culture affects us all, so does the health, security, and future of the internet.


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