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“Se faire une toile” = go to the movies

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I recently saw the documentary, The September Issue, about the most important issue of the year for American Vogue magazine…it put me in the mood for fashion. But since my budget doesn’t include designers like Galliano and Gaultier, I like to find intriguing items to “mysterialize” (my new word) my wardrobe at fripe stores that are scattered mostly around the Marais in Paris.

Free’p star has two locations, both in the 4th arrondissement. They are packed full of racks and racks of vintage, used clothing, some that you wouldn’t have worn even in high school, and some that you would totally use for halloween! But you can find that one fabulous item that makes the outfit perfect. I have found an antique 19th century regency style black bodice, with delicate lace and intricate seams, for a steal!

Have fun finding your own treasures…

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