Beauty Massage Paris

“Se faire chouchouter” = To get pampered

I was at Printemps the other day because I had a half an hour to kill before going somewhere. I needed to replenish my stock of Nuxe facial products, for which I am a total fan. I was searching so intently on the shelves that my field of vision was not very wide. I couldn’t find any Nuxe products, and I found this very odd for such a grand magasin. So I found a salesperson and asked, and she pointed right in front of me, to… a Nuxe Spa. It was like looking at the gates of heaven. There was even a sort of golden angelic light coming from inside! Several days later I found myself the happy client with a rendez-vous scheduled for a saturday afternoon.
Fast-forward to Saturday 4:30pm… I arrive somewhat in a rush, but no waiting around is fine with me. Let’s get right down to massaging my achy muscles. I chose the Swedish massage, which I was told, Nuxe had modified slightly to make a mixture of a Swedish and a Californian massage. The swedish being a very deep tissue massage and the Californian having more superficial but more rapid strokes. Whatever, just pat me like play-do please. The massage was an hour and 15 min of pure relaxation. (I think the therapist did go over time a tiny bit though). There was about 10 minutes of pre-massaging à sec (sans oil) then an hour of full body massaging, and I was asked if I liked my massages more light or more deep…deep please! Shoulders, back, arms, shoulders again, back of legs, feet…flip…feet again, front of legs, arms, hands, chest, shoulders again, belly, head…the works. And then when she had finished the therapist invited me to get up slowly and sit with my back facing her for a massage de reveil, a wake up massage that lasted about 5 minutes, and brought me back to reality, just enough to be able to take the metro home. I think I rode a cloud home though.There are 3 Nuxe Spas in Paris, 2 more in France and one in Germany. Their products are divine, and they have an organic line (bio) as well.
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