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Paris Wedding Wednesday : D day is tomorrow!

It has been over a year since Chéri proposed to me, and just about as long that I have been planning this wedding… Tomorrow is the BIG day. I am nervous. Not about marrying my Chéri, THAT is a sure thing! I am nervous about this event being pulled off to perfection, or at least without any major mishaps. I… Read more →

Paris Wedding Wednesday : DIY bottle labels

So, you may guess that this DIY post is for the bon-bon bar. I will be having a spouted glass vat with a punch drink for people to serve themselves with from the candy bar, and in the DIY spirit of my wedding decoration, I thought it would be appropriate to allow the guests to elaborate they own cocktail themselves.… Read more →

Paris Wedding Wednesday : Garter Battle & Giveaway!

In need of a garter for my upcoming June wedding, and to satisfy my ever growing need to be creative, I thought I would make one. I grabbed a few items from the craft store down the street from me (which is sadly closing), and dug into my overflowing sewing box at home to find what I need to make… Read more →

Paris Wedding Wednesday : DIY napkins

I saw the concept of personalized napkins on theknot.com but they don’t ship to France, so I thought I’d make my own! I bought a « Life is a Circus » stamp on Etsy (a site that I am obsessed with!) And then created my own personalized stamps on rubberstamps.net with images I had created with an image editing program called Gimp… Read more →

Paris Wedding Wednesday : Bon Bon Pops

Ok so in my never-ending search for fun ideas for garnishing the wedding bon-bon bar, I discovered this super easy, très pas cher (very inexpensive) idea at a block party I went to recently. I find this to be the perfect solution to my need for candy on a stick. I have been searching for those swirl lollipops that are… Read more →

Paris Wedding Wednesday : the DIY address to remember!

Planning a wedding in Paris France is full of obstacles. How MANY times have I heard the phrase, « oh we just don’t do that here ».  This is from the mentality here that one that offers a product or service for what most « normal » people do or get for their wedding. There seems to be a sort of cultural agreement that… Read more →

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