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Marché des Batignolles

One of our favorite places to grocery shop is the covered market, Marché des Batignolles. Ithas got to be one  of the friendliest neighborhood hubs in the 17th; it feels like you have been transported to a small provincial town what with the way people slow their pace and chat with each other, and me. The vendors share recipes and… Read more →

Bagelstein in the chic quartier!

It’s Like New York has landed in Paris all of a sudden! (But suffice it to say that Paris is sweetly infiltrating New York as well). There are eateries and bistro joints popping up all over that have an authentic NYC/Brooklyn style to their charm. And frankly, I am not opposed since these two cities seem to have a little… Read more →

Why Visit Paris in November

Post by Jenny Baily What do you call a person who jumps off the Pont Alexandre III in November? In Seine. With the blague du jour out of the way, here are some other amusing activities going on in the capital this month. Read more →

Why Visit Paris in October

Post by Jenny Bailey Why Visit Paris in October? Well, I’ll tell ya! In October, Paris is packed with personality. From art to fashion (et vin, bien sûr) here are some suggestions of autumn activities and affairs to try in the capital if you’re in town this month. Read more →

A Detox Guide to Paris Markets

Post by Emily of Paris Paysanne Whether you’re looking to compensate for overindulgences during your vacation or just get yourself in fine form for la rentrée, the end of summer is a great time to treat yourself to a detox. The open-air markets of Paris are a perfect spot to pick up fresh and flavorful ingredients for cleansing juices, soups,… Read more →

A Parisian Portrait : Alain, the bouquinist

I was secretly thrilled with myself for having resolved to lug my camera around with me all day, the day I met Alain. I was wandering along the Seine, happily snapping shots of everything that pleased me, not a care in the world could bother me that day. I had free time, I live in Paris, and Spring was peeking… Read more →

Croque Monsieur in NYC

Article by Frank Cierpial La Maison du Croque Monsieur. Finding Authentic French food in New York proves to be a challenge. Finding French food in New York that college students like myself can afford proves to be even harder. This daunting task is almost impossible in most cases, but not in this one. What if I told you that you… Read more →

DIY : fun & frilly greeting card

I have a friend that I had meant to write to for quite some time…and the days turned into weeks and the weeks into a couple months! And before I knew I had become gravely late on my correspondance! So to make up for it, I thought it would be the perfect touch to make it into a fun, DIY… Read more →

Celebrate Halloween in the City of Lights

Post by Jenny Baily  How To Celebrate Halloween in Paris Although not a typically French occasion, Halloween is a wicked excuse to coddle your creative side, and slip into something scary. If you’re keen to dress up and celebrate, there are still plenty of places to go to show off your costume. From ghost walks in the city’s old town… Read more →

Paris is a moment…

Sometimes that Parisian moment can last a matter of hours, a day, several months, a year, a few years, a decade…more…a lifetime or beyond. What makes Paris so special? I think it is the moments that are spent here, that go fleeting by, and we try so desperately to grasp them and make them last longer then they do. We… Read more →

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