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The Best Massage In Paris

Let me begin by stating that this massage came at a much needed time. In my 8th month of pregnancy, you can imagine how the need for some professional help to sooth my back muscles was necessary. That said, I still think this was the best massage I have ever had in Paris.

Mandarin Oriental paris spa

I heard about this massage by chance, it is perhaps one of the only places in Paris you can go for a prenatal massage where you can lie face down on the massage table! That was all I needed to hear to be sold on it. The Mandarin Oriental spa is equiped with a special mattress that goes on top of a typical massage table. The extra mattress supports the upper part of your body with indentation for the belly, breasts and face, and even a place to slide your hands under you head. The whole upper body is this inclined and in fact the whole back is better exposed for massage than in a classic position. So pregnant or not, this extra support makes for easier access to those muscles around the shoulders.

Mandarin Oriental spa

In addition to this much appreciated attention to detail, the spa at the Mandarin Oriental is exactly what you would hope for from a 5 star hotel. You have what they call a “spa suite” that has a changing room, toilet and shower all to yourself next to the adjoining massage room where your therapist waits while you undress and put on the the bathrobe and hotel slippers.

The specific massage I had, the Mums to Be massage, is 1 hour and 2 minutes. Hélène was my massage therapist, and if I return for the post natal massage, I will certainly ask for her again. Her hands are strong and sought out all those tense little muscles that are constantly stressed.

It has been years I have not felt so wonderfully satisfied after a massage. Usually I feel like it wasn’t enough. Hélène also kindly brought me tea and a bowl of fresh berries after, which I enjoyed while slowly dressing and fixing my mascara. My entire time there was completely unhurried, calm, pleasant and everything I wanted from such an anticipated experience. And every expecting mother deserves to be handles with such care!

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