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La Traversée de Paris

21 years and running this delightful tradition is upheld by an auto club called Vincennes en Anciennes.

Twice a year they have the authorization to promenade hundreds vintage cars over 20 kilometers of Parisian streets, just for the fun of it! We were lucky to find ourselves in the middle of the Winter edition on Sunday the 31st of January, 2021 as we were in search of something to do. Upon our arrival at place de la Concorde we saw dozens and dozens of old cars. So we spent the next hour walking around the giant plaza ooohing and aaahing over as many beautiful vehicles that we could devour with our eyes!

In essence there are about 700 vehicles that participate in the Traversée de Paris, and they must be at least 30 years old to adhere to the club. Fortunately, there is no upkeep standard required so anyone with an old clunker can join in if they want. Although, the cars that were the most well maintained were the ones we admired the most. But what a treat to see cars that are no longer made.

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Little Chéri’s favorite was the one he was allowed to sit in, and old American army jeep from the Korean war area.

I had a hard time choosing between all the Mustangs and Deux Chevaux.

This event is wonderful for fans of all ages. Keep your eyes out for the 14th Summer edition on July 25th!

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