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Johanna Braitbart and her boudoir boutique

There is nothing more French than a unique hat or pretty little fascinator to wear to a wedding, an equestrian event or a chic party.

A chance encounter in the Marais at Johanna’s boudoir boutique  literally had me squealing with delight. How had I not known about this gem 9 years ago when I was preparing my own wedding. It has been here for 13 years! But it was fun to discover with my son. Petit  Chéri who was with me had me try on his favorite, a puffy pink pompommy piece! But he also loved the green (his favorite color). I was happy flitting around the boutique trying on pretty things as I peppered Johanna with questions.

Johanna created her company in 1999 but had begun creating her first collections in 1997. Her first boutique stood for 8 years at the Passage du Grand Cerf, a stunning lesser known covered passage. Another gem.

Johanna comes from an art sensitive and creative lineage, her grandparents had a raincoat workshop and her mother would always bring her to museums and concerts wherever they went. After obtaining her Baccalaureate, she went to the Penninghen preparatory art school and then on to Studio Berçot, a Parisian fashion design school founded in the 40’s. She also learned embroidery at the famous École Lesage.

Maison Johanna Braitbart , Paris , France © photo Dominique Boutin

After honing her craftsmanship skills in High Fashion Jewelry with a French brand, she began making her own collections,  and learning different crafts through collaboration with the different artisans who contributed to her work. She began making creations for well know fashion and luxury brands such as Guerlain,  Givenchy,  Agnes B, Franketfils, Bergdorf Goodman  and others.

Johanna’s passion for art and craftsmanship  shows in the myriad of peices of her work that fill her frilly shelves. This craftswoman’s attention to detail, her ability to select high grade materials (such as the soft lambskin on the interior of many fascinators), as well as her imagination needed to created bold pieces, are all clearly a result of a lifelong pursuit of skill, esthetic and quality.

A visit to her fascinating boudoir is an invitation to indulge in something special.

Maison Johanna Braitbart
26, rue des Blancs Manteaux
75004 Paris
Tel. 0144820929 / 0616743382


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