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Our Confined Paris Life

Mid-march lived up to its Shakespearian omen this year, in France. The ides of March brought about a serious awareness of the dangers carried by the Covid-19 virus that has hit humanity on a global scale. We finally realized that it was here in France, and threatening the balance of life and healthcare infrastructure. Paris closed down, workers were sent home, schools and parks closed just as it has happened in so many other cities and countries.

I often say that I feel like we are all living in the scenario of a Netflix Sci-Fi movie. But I have to refrain from thinking too far in the future about the whole situation so that I don’t lose sleep. We are all now totally fine with wearing gloves and masks outdoors, we have all learned how to properly wash our hands, and almost everybody has understood what Social Distancing means.

Parisians have had to massively adjust daily life to being mostly indoors, and finding ways to work from home or remain occupied. At our house, we are lucky to have a little space. Chéri takes over the dinning room (aside from meal times) and works remotely there. I am fortunate to have a job that can’t be done from home and am now free to occupy our Little Chéri.

I have become a preschool teacher for a decent part of the day. I also spend time reading with my little one, playing pretend, inventing games, drawing coloring, even cooking with him to keep him stimulated and occupied. But sometimes I need time to cook, clean and take care of other things. I am fearful of putting him too often in front of a screen, because we are all aware of the dangers in that!

Luckily, Santa Clause had brought him the perfect thing at Christmas. A Lunii. I can’t sing their praises enough! It is a digital device for Little Chéri to listen to stories on, screen-free. I can download purchased stories, and upload them onto the device. Most of these stories have options for kids to choose so they can sort of create the scenario in a way, for themselves. This allows for a certain amount of interaction. They even have stories in English!

Lunii is a lifesaver. Little Chéri loves it, and his vocabulary has improved since he started using it. (There are bilingual stories offered). Plus it allows him to have control over something : the stories he listens too (I upload an abundant amount of stories for him to chose from). It’s important for him to feel like he has some control. And this device has been fantastic during this time of confinement. My little one isn’t in front of a screen too much, and I have time to focus on other things for an hour or so.

So in between home schooling, cooking classes, home workouts, social distances walks around the neighborhood, and some family games and playtime, Little Chéri, gets to enjoy his own leisure time and let his imagination have a whole lot of adventures. It is so important to exercise kids’ imagination as well as their bodies!

This post is not a paid post, I just really like this company! And if they couldn’t be any more likable, their products are made in France. Thank you Lunii! We love you guys!!!


  1. Stay safe. It’s remarkable, what is happening across the world. Last night we took the next step to strengthen social distancing or what I prefer to call physical distancing measures. I don’t like the term social distancing because I feel like here I am being social with you even though we are separated by distance. It’s a safe way to be virtually close to others without risk.

  2. I like the idea of stories without a screen. So lucky to have found one that is bilingual as well. Little ones need to keep their minds active as much as we do. Stay well!

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