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Homer Paris – Best Lobster Roll Worldwide

I have no idea how to begin this article…if possible it would be with a very satisfied look on my face. Oh wait here I found it :

When people ask me what I miss most about home in the USA, I used to say, the lobster. But I don’t have to say that anymore!

I walked into Homer at 15 rue de l’Ancienne Comédie with all of my Cape Cod swagger, announcing that I was going to be a tough critic. Oooh little did I know that I would melt like warm mayonnaise as I sunk my teeth into these luxury sandwiches.

Moïse Sfez, the founder of Homer, has brought true New England food to Paris. He trained in culinary arts at the famous Vatel school (which is in the Batignolles by the way). He then went on to work for starred chefs and fancy establishments in Paris and London before striking out on his own a few years ago.

His carefully perfected recipes won him the Celebrity Favorite award from the Down East Lobster Roll World Championship in Maine in 2018. So now the world’s best lobster roll is in Paris!

But just to be able to judge for myself I had to take a roll for a test run…And by test run I mean try not to devour it in 2 minutes flat!

I ordered one of the favorites and the award winning recipe on the menu, the Conneticut. It is luke warm with lemony butter and a secret selection of herbs, and sinking my teeth into the flaky brioche roll and the oozing lobster meat was nothing short of an experience. Especially for this New Englander! Move over Raw Bar lobster roll! (Although the Raw Bar does serve a copious amount of lobster flesh – two lobsters’ worth in fact). No need to by a round trip ticket to Boston to get my fix!

But as you might guess, one roll wasn’t enough. I was actually sad when it was gone. So another was ordered. This time I tried the Miso Yuzu lobster roll. How to describe the exquisite delight in biting into this insane lobster roll… Divine…Dreamy…Orgasmic… it transported me to a happy place where the taste buds completely monopolize the brain and you have a gastronomical experience. It was hands down my favorite. I could have eaten five of them.

A Homer lobster roll is worth every centime of its price tag. Besides the Raw Bar lobster roll was about 25$ ten years ago! So a 24€ lobster roll in 2018 is not that much of an eyebrow raiser.

Moïse Sfez was on the premises, and I couldn’t offer him enough praise for his absolutely fantastic product and success. I peppered him with questions about how he got started and snapped a selfie. Being American, I love the success story element to his career. It’s not something you see every day in France.

Homer has two locations in Paris where you too can sink your teeth into these delicious luxury sandwiches. Each address has it’s own special menu option available only at that location. So you have to go to both! Ok, twist my arm!

Check out how Moïse came up with the name for his Paris lobster roll joint : Homard + Lobster = Homer. Even the restaurant name is delightful. It is the best of both sides of the Atlantic!

I can’t wait to go back and indulge…


    1. Oh Gary, lobster….it is a New Englanders caviar!!!! I crave good lobster. And most seafood places here serve it cold on ice (for hours) it’s not even worth it to me. But Homer…is absolutely every I hope for in a lobster dish.

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