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La Rentrée en Retard

September is always the true beginning of the year for me. It’s back to work, back to school, new beginnings, plans, fashion…

After a fully packed summer and a two and a half week vacation away, we now are fully committed to the rapid and regrettable goodbye to summer clothes and sandals…

Goodbye to no excuse needed icecream treats…

Goodbye to relaxing moments in the sunshine…

Luckily the Fall season has so many things to enjoy!

Hello to fashion week, seasonal vegetables, new activities, starting an exercise routine, boots and scarves….

I am looking forward to eating fall foods, crepes and kale, cheese and pumpkin spice!

And so (better late than never) for the last weekend of this special month, I wish you all a very happy Autumn!!!


  1. As you move into Autumn and Winter, I’m entering Spring and Summer. Shorts and T-shirts, mangoes every day, light green salads, and more seafood.

    I hope you stay warm and enjoy comforting cool weather foods

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