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Tested : Private Chef At Home

I got to test having a private chef cook us a meal worthy of a luxury hotel restaurant, at home! Forget about sweating in the kitchen for hours, a chef à domicile à Paris, is THE way to WOW your guests at home. And La Belle Assiette helped me knock the socks off of my mother-in-law! I might not know how to make a lamb roast as good as hers, but I can still have an amazing meal served at my table. And the best part, getting to enjoy it sans the work.

Chef Stefano Caponi was a picture of warmth, elegance and expertise in his professional uniform complete with a chef’s hat, moving around my little Parisian kitchen like a pro.

He arrived a couple hours in advance to start the prep work, as I finished setting the table. Friendly and great with kids (aka my curious four-year-old) it felt like we had known Stefano for ages already!

He had spent time in the month leading up to the dinner creating the menu, and documenting himself on what wines I should get to pair with it. This extra attention to the details of our evening made the whole experience even warmer, more chaleureux.

Stefano also brought us true Kalamata olives as an extra surprise for the apéro before his five course dinner.

We toasted with champagne my in-laws who’s birthdays we were celebrating. And basked in the delicious idea of being served by a chef at home.

After a little champagne and some gift giving, we headed to the table with anticipation. Stefano served us the first course, the amuse-bouche : creamy mozzarella wrapped in bocconcini speck ham and served with a truffle infused balsamic sauce. They were seared in a pan and served warm. Needless to say, it was exactly what you hope for from an Italian chef! It was a melt-in-your-mouth way to start the succession of delightful dishes. Stefano garnished the plates with flowers.

The next course, the avant-goût, was a green pea vichyssoise with fresh Touraine goat cheese that garnished wild smoked salmon. The freshness of the green pea purée balanced out the smoked salmon perfectly.

This was followed by the entrée : Stefano served us monkfish stuffed tortellini with an arugula pesto and roasted cherry tomatoes. The tomatoes had such a powerful flavor we all agreed that we could eat a whole bowl of them!

The main course was encrusted tuna steak with fresh oregano hand picked from the garden by Stefano’s Italian grandmother. A treat indeed. This was served on a bed of carmelized endives and an orange sauce. It was absolutely exquisite. I ate every bite, in spite of my tightening pant waist!

And I managed to find room for the divine dessert, a tiramisu with amaretto and fresh mango, and decoratively put on the plate with care and garnished with candles for the celebration.

As we ate, enjoying every mouthful, we discussed each course and what elements pleased us most. And if I had to choose a course I liked best it would probably be the monkfish tortellini. I could eat that every day and not tire of it. It was the perfect balance of softness and firmness, of acidity and neutral flavors, just writing this sends me into a bout of craving. Food writers must always be hungry! Lol!

Stefano took care of clearing the plates after each course, cleaning the kitchen and putting everything away. I was simply floored by his expertise, his warmth, his professionalism, his adaptability and his culinary talent! It was the best meal I have ever had at home and certainly an exceptional experience.

We must, absolutely must, do this again. The luxury of having achef a domicile is worth it. My guests were wowed, and well fed, and I got to enjoy the evening too.

La Belle Assiette began as a startup in 2012, the brilliant idea of Stephen Leguillon and Giorgo Ricco. You can select and reserve online. 850 chefs have been noted and integrated into the La Belle Assiette repertoire, so you are certain to find something that fits your fancy. Your chef comes with the food that is prepared in your kitchen, with their utensils and some of their own. Stefano had an impressive collection of knives and cutlery.

La Belle Assiette is available in 5 European countries and has already served over 1 million plates of expertly prepared food. Starting at 39€ per person, you get to select the type of meal you want to offer your guests and chose from the different chefs’ propositions. Having a private chef at home has become as simple as ordering tickets online. Just dress yourself, your table and enjoy!

Thank you to La Belle Assiette for having us test Stefano Caponi’s culinary talents. It was more than a treat, it was an experience!




  1. Thanks a lot for the article, is been a pleasure to know you and your wonderful family. When ever you wish, feel free to contact me for another event with a different menu. Take care your self.
    Kind regards
    Stefano Caponi

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