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OMG what happened!?!

So the last time I posted was a pre Gilet Jaunes France. This is NOT a post about the Yellow Vest protests. This is me just playing catch up with the few readers I have left! (I’ve been soooooo inconsistent in posting ever since becoming a parent almost 4 years ago). But, c’est la vie folks. Anyway, most of you all are on Instagram so I don’t feel bad!

Here’s what is new :

I have been instagramming for Treize, those fabulous ladies of good food and charm on the left bank. It’s not great on my waistline because somebody has to eat the props! But I am having so much fun helping them create content for their social media. Go check out Treize au Jardin on Instagram!

The Yellow Vests took over the conversations in France these last 2 months. And I got sort-of caught in the middle since I was temporarily working at a location right next to the Champs Elysees! It made for some strange Saturdays at work. Sadly it looks like certain rights in France are being reigned in by the French government.

Christmas came and went, as usual. *eye roll*. Its always waltzing on in like the most popular holiday on earth and then leaves you sad and deflated (and exhausted and broke) sweeping up dried pine needles after it’s gone. Bébé Chéri keeps asking why Christmas had to end. Awwww… His almost-four-year-old mind can’t comprehend. Come back Christmas!!!!! 😭😭😭

Paris got a dusting of snow. Probably all we will get this year. Being a New Englander, I am having some severe snow withdrawals. My friends back on Cape Cod would roll their eyes if they heard me say that!

And now the New Year is well under way. My goal this year is not to do more or keep on track (which by this article is pretty obvious *cough* January is over already *cough*). Nope, this year I want to slow down, be more patient, enjoy the people I love, breathe more, stay tuned to the universe, love more, help more, connect more face to face with people, focus on friendships and relationships. Aaaaaand I will try to blog too, but offline connections are what I want to pay attention to currently. And shoes. I want need more shoes. Thanks to the Gilets Jaunes for getting us an extra tax free bonus! 🙏More shoes money!!!! Oops! Wait what?!? How did that slip in there?!? 😂😜

Spreading the love….(in snazzy shoes).

What are you all hoping to do more of or less of this year? Tell me in the comments. I’ll reply to each one, I (New Year) promise!!!


    1. Well, I’m hoping the Gilet Jaunes conversation gets more constructive and less destructive. At least they are finally talking about police violence on the news. Now the conversation seems slightly more balanced.

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