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Treize Au Jardin

Or as I like to call it, The New Treize!

Laurel and Kajsa, the dynamic duo of 13 A Baker’s Dozen, have done it again : created another magical address. This is the rebirth of a true labor of love.

They said goodbye in March (2018) to their darling cozy spot we knew and loved on rue des Saints Pères, and opened at 5 rue de Medicis 75006 in June (2108), just across from the Luxembourg gardens. Hence the new title, Treize au Jardin. But that is not the only reason for the new name,

they have also brought with them one of the artisanal florists from the flower shop just at the entrance of the old address. And now in addition to offering their famous southern fusion home cuisine and awesome drinks, they also offer whimsical bouquets and more.

In spite of the growth in size (so exciting to have more room), Laurel and Kajsa have still managed to make every square centimeter as charming as cozy as ever. I want to bask in the beauty of it as much as possible…

It may certainly be the prettiest place to relax with good food, good drink and good friends in all of Paris!

We spent several days lounging there on their first week open. It was like a long drink of water in the hot sun, refreshing and sweet.

The style of food remains similar to the menu from 13, but it feels like there’s a bit more panache! Perhaps it’s the new space, the new view, the new bar, the terrace… I dont know, but everything seems better. Maybe there’s even more butter! Honestly, I didn’t know there could be something better than 13…but Treize….oh Treize….it’s my new religion. I may consider moving out of my beloved Batignolles neighborhood just to be closer to Treize! 😱😂😍

I mean look at these biscuits…

Laurel and Kajsa have put together a vibrant team, and have some chefs coming in from the United States to take over daily operations. A follow up article on that will be in order.

Laurel has created the menu and the recipes. Kajsa is the head of the bar and restaurant. They both run their respective domains like the pros that they are, with a constant smile, and a warm hug for friends. Its impossible to not feel at home here.

One of my favorite features at Treize au Jardin is the NON SMOKING terrace!!!! It may be the only one in Paris, I dont know but it’s such a pleasure to not have to endure other people’s unhealthy habit. I cant thank them enough for this gift to Parisians. But dont worry smokers, there is a place for you to go sick on a cancer stick…

In addition to the terrace and the front dinning room, the red also a long wide corridor lined with tables and a back room with the big table and some smaller tables. This is the coziest spot and I plan on occupying that as much as I can this winter!

Here’s a slew of my photos to see what the different dining areas look like :

And the food is as indulgent as the decorum is delightful. Buttermilk biscuits, cheese sticks, artichoke dip, pulled pork biscuits, gin drinks served in teacups, and let’s not forget Laurel’s famous carrot cake!

Please enjoy more delightful images to inspire your appetite.

If you loved 13 A Baker’s Dozen, then Treize au Jardin will knock your chaussettes off. The atmosphere, the intent, the beauty, the flavor…you want to savor every moment, every square centimeter, every delicious bit of it. Go, go and be reborn into the new chapter that is Treize. If you aren’t already a believer, you will be upon setting foot inside.


  1. Congratulations, Laurel! Your new place looks amazing. Wish I was I Paris right now to enjoy. We will definitely come by the next time we are in town. It looks beautiful and inviting and I’m sure the food is delicious!

  2. Can’t wait to visit–we’ll be there next June, y’all. I loved the previous incarnation and was worried when I heard about the move, but this gives me hope that, though different, it will be divine!

  3. My wife and I found 13 A Baker’s Dozen a true delight (even though I was seriously disoriented when I opened the front door and instead of “Bonjour!” I heard “Y’all come on in!”). We’re taking our 14-year-old granddaughter next summer and this will be an early destination for us. I can hardly wait to see it!

  4. A review as swept up in the magic of Treize as much as we were when we visited this fabulous new iteration in July! Laurel, who knew you could create something even more magical…Rive Gauche, Y’all!

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