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Le P’tit Musset

This charming little purple decorated café has been tempting us ever since we moved to the Batignolles quarter. Well I finally went. It’s everything you could want from a French café, great food, charming atmosphere without the cliché decorum and it’s full of locals.

Le P’tit Musset

132 rue Cardinet 75017 Paris

I had the citronella mushroom and shrimp starter. It was divine. I would have eaten it twice!

And the scallop risotto for my main dish. It was exquisitly flavored and the rice cooked to perfection. I would have prefered the scallops to be cooked slightly more.

Classic crème brulée for dessert…perfection!

The ideal neighborhood spot for a fantastically French meal.


  1. I love the way it looks – food and the actual place. It seems to be a sign of Paris – that the outside is taken well care of as well as your inside. Love how plants are a part of the look.

  2. The « Cuisine familiale de tradition » on the front of the restaurant would have lured me in — and I’m glad to see my instincts would have been right! Thank you for sharing this mouth-watering experience and great tip.

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