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One Smart Parisian Habit To Adopt 

The Parisian, and incidentally the French, are often known for their healthy life habits. They can be associated with moderation when it comes to food and drink; a less-is-more approach to using make-up; and even sensible practices when it comes to garnishing their wardrobe. 

I have integrated one of those good habits into my life and I benefit greatly from it. Back in my early adulthood, I would make spontaneous purchases of shoes, almost systematically. Most of my shoes were fun, trendy, and have sadly all disappeared from my life. Because as my American habits tended to drive me back then, once a shoe was broken or in need of repair, I would discard them and get something new. There are a lot of shoes that I miss. Ones that twenty years later are back in fashion. Now I’m kicking myself for my wasteful behavior back then. 

So about this new habit? It’s called shoe repair. Cordonnerie in French. I have found the ideal place for quality shoe repair (because you can’t bring your Hermès shoes to just anyone) thanks to my friend Natalia. In the trendy SoPi quarter of the 9th arrondissement is a fairly new address with some well weathered experts. The perfect place to send your shoes to the “spa” for a little TLC after traipsing them across the Parisian streets for months on end. 

For 46€ I got the heel ends replaced, a maquillage of the grate scrape on the back of the heel and a high quality rubber sole put on so the endure the Parisian winters longer. 

In addition to having expert care for your kicks you also have a clean, friendly and beautifully organized workshop. I was impressed to see the shoes all neatly arranged in their brown paper packages. Most shoe repair shops are not as delicate and careful with your pricey pumps. So this for me was an added bonus. 

Atelier Maubeuge 
28 Rue de Maubeuge, 75009 Paris

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