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Coming from the United States, I have an ingrained expectation of finding all my festive party-throwing needs in one big party supply store. Alas, I have spent the last 15 years strugling to find what I want, ordering from over-seas, hand-making most of it (aka my wedding where I hand made EVERYTHING) and getting party supplies in Paris wherever I can find them; and of course usually paying an over-priced bill for it all. Paris has, for a long time, not been a place to easily find banners and balloons on the cheap. Until Hema came along, and now everyone buys that stuff from Hema. But I found something EVEN BETTER THAN HEMA!!!! Oui, it’s true. I found the giant party store, Tutti Fiesta, and they have everything you could find at Hema and about 20 times more. And guess what…they have been here for 17 years. Had only I knoooown!!!! 😱

I was like a kid in a candy store when I walked in. I went there because I needed balloons inflated with helium and they have a service for that. I had already purchased ed everything I needed for Bébé Chéri’s birthday party, but the helium acquisition seemed a little tricky so I did a google search for “helium ballons paris” 🎈 And voilà, Tutti Fiesta came into my life. 

Decorations for absolutely every occasion, costumes, balloons up to your eyeballs, all you would need for disposable food serving, banners, bubble machines, little toys for prizes etc, etc, etc… Just go, you’ll find a reason to throw a part later! 

Tutti Fiesta :

home147, rue Saint- Ferdinand
75017 PARIS



horairesHoraire d’ouverture :
Du Mardi au Samedi :
de 10H00 à 19H00

metro2Porte Maillot


  1. Hey! How much did it cost to inflate the balloons with helium? Did you bring your own balloons or buy them there?

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