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Le Salon Du Quartier- Hair Salon 

I walked by this darling address, Le Salon De Quartier, the day it opened in March 2017. It immediately drew me over to peer through its vast windows. So light, airy yet cozy inside.

I am not all that loyal to any particular hair salon. I know some women are but I get me hair cut so seldom that it doesn’t matter to me where. Until now. I finally found time to fit a haircut in my schedule and was able to skip over to Rue de Levis one sunny Saturday during my vacation off work. I’m so glad I did because now I have a hair salon to be loyal to! Le Salon De Quartier !

Cedric, the owner, has been in the business since a very young age, like his father before him. Incidentally, his father owns the Barbier de Trouville barber shop in my favorite vacation spot in France : Trouville. Cedric took the time to really inquire about what I wanted my hair cut to look like, he explained thoroughly how he would do it before snipping a single strand of hair. I appreciated the extra effort.

Cedric understands service that is gracious and pleasant, as well as his wife Jessica who was in the salon helping along side him in addition to his color expert (who’s name escaped me). Jessica had served me coffee while I waited for Cedric to finish with his previous client and we struck up a conversation about the best Thai massage parlors in Paris to try.

Throughout my entire time at Le Salon De Quartier, I chatted enthusiastically with Cedric and Jessica about everything from travel to the Batignolles to customer service to blogging. They are absolutely delightful people and that is what makes me want to be loyal, as much as the fantastic hair cut he gave me. He spent well over an hour on me, cutting, drying and styling my long blond locks and I left there feeling just lovely. I thought it was a well spent 50€.

LE SALON DE QUARTIER,72 rue de Levis 75017

For both men and women, cuts, color and hair styling.

I can with absolute confidence, recommend this wonderfully happy hair salon to anyone, local or visiting. And please do tell them I sent you!

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