Book Boutique for Bébé Chéri in the Batignolles 

I love buy things for Bébé Chéri. Clothes, food gifts,  toys, and I always feel happy when I  have purchased something for him. But especially when I buy him books. The best thing you can do for your child is to teach them the value of reading. Well,  he doesn’t read yet, but I want to instill in him a love for books. Even at a very young age. 

This darling boutique in the Batignolles quarter of Paris is the perfect place for such an indulgence. It’s inviting and well stocked.  Too well stocked.  I always spend  more than I should  because I find such delightful books. They always carry a decent collection of books in English or bilingual books too. 

This store has been here for about two years. And I hope it sticks around for a long time. They even carry lovely books that make great Paris souvenirs,  so come and spend your money at a well deserving address! 

They have  little readings for children, check out the updates and times on their Facebook page

La Librairie du Square
61 rue des Batignolles
75017 Paris

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