I was a couple months too late for the grand opening that I completely zapped on, but I felt a visit to this darling establishment was a must during my vacation time off work! My friend Paula and I went for dessert with Bébé Chéri on a recent sunny Summer afternoon in Paris. We felt we had found the perfect spot at the perfect moment to feel as happy as you could hope to! Isn’t life beautiful!?! It’s the simple things…

Le Sud, is a darling new restaurant in the Porte Maillot neighborhood. It makes you feel like you have just stepped off the street and into Provence

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Charming isn’t it!?!

We thought so! We basically had the place to ourselves too, which was probably for the best since Bébé Chéri is learning to be very vocal. (No real words yet, but a lot of darling gibberish!). The service was very friendly, and the servers were dressed in lovely aprons that reminded me of someone cooking in their pretty tiled home kitchen in a big pied-à-terre somewhere near Aix-en-Provence (preferably not too far from the sea).
Restaurant Le Sud, Paris 17.

Olive trees, potted lavender and mandarin trees decorate the space with authentic elegance, and the tables are all dressed with white table clothes and countryside flowers. A lemonade stand leads the way to the main dining space that is made to look extra long with a mirror effect (and it certainly works, the place looks huge!).
Restaurant Le Sud, Paris 17.

Restaurant Le Sud, Paris 17.

Restaurant Le Sud, Paris 17.
The floors are tiled like a countryside kitchen and the dining areas are separated by a windowed wall complete with sea green shutters against a soft brick red that just sweeps you away to the warm and carefree atmosphere of Southern France.

Restaurant Le Sud, Paris 17.
Restaurant Le Sud, Paris 17.

Our desserts were so refreshing on a hot summer day in Paris, I had a red berry fruit soup and a Perrier, Bébé Chéri had a scoop of mascarpone ice cream (so delicious!) and Paula had the tiramisu that is served in a generous portion that is really almost big enough for two people to share, if it wasn’t so divine and devourable! 🍰
Restaurant Le Sud, Paris 17.

Restaurant Le Sud, Paris 17.

Coffee was served with a little macaron almond cookie. ☕ 🍪
Restaurant Le Sud, Paris 17.
I have not been so enchanted in quite some time with a new restaurant in Paris. This one literally had me giddy with delight! I feel like I took a mini vacation to the south. It’s nice to have the South of France only a bus or metro ride away. What are you waiting for, reserve your table now! Or your event. No need to get married in Provence for that countryside styled wedding, just book Le Sud! Right next to one of the best views in Paris too for and after dinner drink at the bar La Vue. 🍸

Le Sud

91, Boulevard Gouvion Saint Cyr
75017 Paris

Open Monday to Sunday 8h-23h30

Happy hour starts at 17h30 (5:30pm)


Restaurant Le Sud, Paris 17.

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  1. I absolutely love it. I’m so glad you found this place that very soup looks amazing!

    1. When you visit, we are going!!!!!!

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