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Société Parisienne de Bière 🍺

Société Parisienne de Bière; Chéri and I are big fans of this charming establishment. It has been in the Batignolles neighborhood that we call home for a couple of years, and we are frequent customers because we like good, local beers. This little shop carries almost all the local beers you could hope for, small batch productions and artisan brews with names such as Les Batignolles or Ligne 3, you are sure to find French and Parisian hops and delights.

Boutique biere batignolles

At 5 rue des Moines in the 17th, this little shop acts as a cave à bière and bar where you can stay for a frothy drink. The staff is friendly and helpful when you have questions, and always have something interesting to tell you about each crafted beer.
Batignolles Beer Boutique
A great treat in summer of winter, you can enjoy the quality and craftsmanship of excellent beverages for just a few euros.

You’re welcome!

Batignolles Beer Boutique

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