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Laura Petit, she has made just about the BEST COOKIE EVER! (Well almost. My mother’s cookies that sprinkled my childhood with happiness will still always be my favorite) but until they invent time travel and I can go back to those carefree days when the teddy bear cookie jar was stuffed with oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip pecan and other heart warming flavors, until then…I am so very grateful for Scoop Me a Cookie! It’s pure comfort. Ooey gooey warm sticky comfort. And the cookies are GIANT.
Scoop Me A Cookie, Paris I discovered this amazing cookie brand because it is right in my stomping grounds, the Batignolles, with prime placement on rue Legendre just next to the plaza with the little church. A place that is always swarming with skipping children and hipster parents,the perfect place for a home made cookie shop. It beckoned to me with promises of intense comfort from those incredible looking mounds of softly baked dough, chocolate and nuts. Ooooooh and it so kept its promise! It’s my guilty pleasure to grab one once in a while, and I really have to restrain myself when passing by there so often.   Scoop Me A Cookie, Paris
Scoop Me A Cookie, ParisThe cozy, nature inspired décor of the boutique is inviting and induces happy feelings as you select your cookie (or cookies) from the wooden plank display. White, red and soft grey are the hues that draw you in to this charming, amazing smelling little shop. And you stay a little while because you cannot decide which flavor you want! They all seem so enticing with fabulous names such as “Je t’épouse dans l’heure” (I’ll marry you this very hour) or “Je veux un câlin” (I want a hug) or “Surprise me.” I seriously have a hard time just chosing one. Scoop Me A Cookie, Paris

Scoop Me A Cookie, ParisThis gorgeous little artisnal hand made brand has two boutiques, the one at rue 72 Legendre in the Batignolles (75017) and one in the 11th, 5/7 rue Crespin du Gast 75011 Paris. Plus they have an e-boutique and (thank my lucky stars) they deliver in Paris and the close suburbs called La Petite Couronne. Oh and did I mention they serve ice cream!?! One of the best flavors ever : black seasame seed. I think I had it at least once a week this past summer! LOL! Scoop Me A Cookie, Paris

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