My little chicken : it almost sounds like one of those funny terms of endearment that the French use. they often say “My little duck” or “my little bunny” or “my little cabbage” or “my little flea” to children. Women often call each other “my hen”… so this almost strikes me as the male version. But no, it’s not a term of endearment, it is a brand new rotisserie spot in the middle of the Batignolles quarter. It is their third address in France, and the first one in Paris. And it is a hit, especially on Sundays for that midday meal. Their first Sundy open they actually ran out of chicken! It seems the Parisians want their roast chicken and to eat it too. Mon petit poulet…it’s even great for those on a student budget! So you really can have your chicken and eat it too!!!

Mon Petit Poulet

A roasted chicken, GMO free raised on French free range farms, sold with optional side dishes and dessert, all of it of home made quality. We decided to test out this incredible smelling rotisserie (we passed by it several times and salivated at the scent) one Sunday with Mama Chérie while she was in Paris helping us with Bébé Chéri.

Mon Petit Poulet

The roast chicken was so succulent and it made the midday meal on a Sunday a cinch. No cooking required (just a little heat up in the oven of the chicken and vegetables so it would all be piping hot). The only dissapointment was the chocolate cake that was the dessert. It was tiny, and was really a brownie that none of us were enticed by since we had pastries from the bakery instead.

Mon Petit Poulet

The way it rolls is you select your chicken, the sauce you want, your veggie and your dessert. And off you go to enjoy it at home. It’s that simple. No need to slave away in the kitchen on a Sunday when you want a sabbath roast! There are pork options for those who are not in the mood for the poulet.
15€ for just the chicken, between 8-13€ for a menu for one (a great option for lunch to go!). Home cooking as simple as that.

45 rue des Batignolles
75017 Paris
Tél. : 09 83 75 71 06

Mon Petit Poulet

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  1. When I stayed in Paris actually I bought the roasted chicken with vegetables and potatoes for a Sunday dinner. While I am used to fattened American chicken, this one not only did not have fat but was lean and delicious. But it was small for 3 people. I would suggest one chicken for 2 people and definitely get the roasted potatoes they are divine. Skip the dessert though because the best bakery in the the quarter is on the same street. Bon appetite.

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