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French Classics at Le Tout Petit Bistrot

Le Tout Petit Bistrot

We went from American classics to French fare with Mama Chérie in our restaurant choices while she was visiting us after Bébé Chéri was born. This little bistrot on a darling little pedestrian path next tot he church in the Batignolles quarter has been beckoning to me ever since we moved to this neighborhood. But Chéri and I went and read reviews of it online, and they weren’t great so, in our culinary snobbery, we had made a decision not to frequent that establishment. But Mama Chérie really wanted to eat there because it does looks so absolutely charming. So we caved and made reservations. In spite of our misgivings brought on by those reviews, I am happy to report that we were pleasantly surprised!

Le Tout Petit Bistrot salle


The interior is classic bistro style, with a covered terrace and even an outdoor terrace for those beautiful balmy days in Paris that we all crave so much. Luckily we were in the midst of a gorgeous month of April, but we sat indoors because the covered terrace had no space whatsoever for our giant stroller for Bébé Chéri.

Now I have tested some schmancy restaurants like this chic spot for lunch, or this single menu venu, or this incredible hot spot on a rooftop, with elaborated cuisine, but not this, this is uncomplicated French food classics. Like pumpkin soup with a dollup of crème fraiche, or marinated leeks on the starter menu.

Le Tout Petit Bistrot Soupe

Le Tout Petit Bistrot Poireaux


For my main dish, I had the joue de porc (cheek of pork) that came with mashed potatoes and was bathed in sauce, lots of sauce. I like sauce. It was a caloric delight that I enjoyed thoroughly. Chéri and Mama Chérie both had the Saucisse de Morteau. It was a rich heavy meal for all. But the kind that leaves you totally satisfied.

Le Tout Petit Bistrot Joue de Porc

Le Tout Petit Bistrot Saucisse de Morteau


If you want something totally charming and compltely français, head to Le Tout Petit, there is even a Gallic rooster (the unofficial French symbol) on the bar (he’s stuffed, not live), for a full authentic decorum. The menu has plenty of choices, but beware people with special diets (like vegetarians). Price per person for dinner is around 30€. A decent sum for a lovely dinner out on the town. If it’s Spring/Summer you can take advantage of the Square des Batignolles which is just steps away, for a pre-dinner stroll.

73 place du docteur felix lobligeois
Paris 17
01 42 28 89 67

Le Tout Petit Bistrot Bar



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