First Fête des Mères

Today is mother’s day in France. I am so happy to now carry the beautiful title of “mother” and have a special day.


I get to spend the day living up to this title and take care of my little Bébé Chéri. He’s the cutest thing and my favorite person in the world, so it makes the job so sweet and delightful. But…

Chéri also gave me a glorious foot massage with Nuxe foot cream.  It was nice to have a little pampering,  especially when up to my eyebrows in pampers! (I literally have a massive stock of them…Thank you Amazon! ).
Yesterday, in lieu of a religious ceremony,  we had a #WelcomeToTheWorld party for Bébé Chéri. I set it up in my favorite theme : circus, and ordered a cake from Paul Waters of Pastry Boy and Cake & Bake. It was darling, delicious and perfect.


More on that in another post (if I get the chance to blog again soon, these days it’s not easy finding time to do much on here, but I’ll try! )

I hope all my mama readers had a lovely day,  it is a special role we have and is of the utmost importance. My own Mama Chéri is very dear to me. I sent her roses on the American mother’s day. But I’ll still tell her I love her today, and every day. I appreciate the efforts she made to raise me so well, even more so now that I have a child.

Mother: the most demanding job on earth.

  Mother’s who treat their children with love and respect should never be taken for granted.

♥Bisous from Paris♥


  1. Congratulations! What a beautiful milestone … and what a truly adorable little one. A very joyeux Fête des Mères to you!

  2. Happy belated first Fête des mères!! I’m expecting a little boy in a few months so this year’s French mother’s day was extra special for me too…being an expectant mother has really made me appreciate my mother in a whole new way. I hope you’re enjoying motherhood…everyone tells me it all goes by so quickly.

    1. Thank you! Congratulations to you too!!! It does go fast, babies evolve at a very high rate. Sometimes I feel like he has changed after a good night’s sleep! But it is so fun to watch them at every little step of the way. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and spend as much time pampering yourself as possible now because the first month or two it’s like running a marathon on a very small amount of sleep!!!!!!

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