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Paris Fashion Week : FW15 Augustin Teboul

Article by Charles Gillman

Charles Gillman : Makeup Artist

Here I am sitting on my sofa, with the sun beaming through the window and the cat is passed out on the floor. I seriously know how she feels! It’s a few days after Paris fashion week, as well as after having quite a few 3:30AM wake up calls for clients having sun rise photo shoots last week, I was in the mood for a few days of hibernation at home. Last Monday I went to see Melissa at home in her perfectly Parisian apartment for tea, macarons, and baby talk… I’m pretty sure a baby could talk better then me at the moment *slowly gets off the sofa and sways towards the coffee machine…*

Augustin Teboul FW15 _DR19812
Image Source : Augustin Teboul

Where was I, oh yeah, so a little tea and all things twee took my mind off an eventful work schedule. Melissa had an invite for the Augustin Teboul show that was being showcased at one of my favourite hotels in Paris, L’Hôtel Meurice, so I obviously couldn’t say no!

Augustin Teboul 4 PFW FW15
Image Source : Charles Gillman

I skipped in to the reception area as I thought I was running late, but I seemed to be just in time. I was greeted by somebody who apparently knew me yet I had obviously completely forgotten how we’d met, so I fumbled my way through a brief conversation hoping that they wouldn’t ask me any questions that I wouldn’t know the answer to. Terribly British I know… smile, nod and then continue this pattern with the odd “yeah, oh, oh right!” until all the head nodding makes them feel dizzy.

I entered the room that, as always, was drenched in elegance for the L’Hôtel Meurice. Models were draped over a table below a chandelier and each took turns to circuit the room. The collection was based on all things black, and according to designers, black was the new black for Fall 2015.

The looks were very sassy yet chic at the same time, the atmosphere was great in the room, and to be honest, it was probably one of the best fashion presentations that I had been to in Paris so far.

Augustin Teboul FW15 _DR10248
Image Source : Augustin Teboul
Augustin Teboul FW15 _DR19876
Image Source : Augustin Teboul
Augustin Teboul FW15 _DR19948
Image Source : Augustin Teboul
Augustin Teboul FW15 _DR10196
Image Source : Augustin Teboul


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