There is a small, hidden cobblestone passage way in the 17th, with a charming little bistrot that I went to years ago with people from work at my former occupation. I never kept the card with the name and address and thus could not for the life of me find this charming place back again, when Chéri and I moved into the neighborhood. But one day, as we were strolling in the quarter, we happened upon it, and 7 years after my initial meal there, I finally found back this delightful address.

Passage Geoffroy Didelot 75017 Paris
Passage Geoffroy Didelot 75017 Paris

Le Bistrot du Passage, is tucked away on an almost secret passage in this people’s-class-turning-boho-chic area between the Batignolles and the Plaine Monceau areas. The passage is peppered with artist studios and cute restaurants and still retains an authentic air since it has yet to be over-run with the tourism industries best efforts. I hope it stays that way.

Bistrot du Passage, Paris 17em

So I finally got to eat there again when Chéri and I went for a Valentine’s dinner out. The food is delicous French style dishes wiht a little fusion inspiration here and there. The restaurant filled up quickly, and soon not one table was free. So I am glad to see that it is popular among the locals. Service was amiable with enough presence so that we felt taken care of, even with a full house, yet not over bearing. Our food came quickly and was nicely plated.

As a starter, I had the “nems” which were absolutely delicious, and I will return to this restaurant JUST for those nems! They came with a salad garnish and an avocado mayonnaise that I could have licked out of the ramekin.
Bistrot du Passage, Paris 17em

Chéri’s entrée apparently didn’t attract my attention since I have no photo or recollection of it. But he did have the shrimp sautée as his main meal with looked and (according to him) tasted fantastic. I had the ravioli which was wonderfully fresh pasta, and I would certainly order that dish again when I return.
Bistrot du Passage, Paris 17em

Desserts were amazing, I had a GIANT slice of cheesecake that I actually finished (it was not easy, but it was so good I couldn’t leave half of it on the plate!) Chéri had a riz de lait, one of his favorite desserts because his mother and grandmother used to make it for him, and was almost as good as theirs. It was probably only lacking that maternal love that goes into home made desserts.
Bistrot du Passage, Paris 17em
Bistrot du Passage, Paris 17em

The ambiance of the restaurant was a little cold at first when we arrived, but I think that’s because we were among the first dinners to sit down. But once the place was full of hungry happy eaters it seemed fun and lively. I do think that they could put a few decorations on the walls though, they seemed rather bare.
Bistrot du Passage, Paris 17em
All in all, this is a great address, far away from the over-run places more towards the center of Paris, but with just as much charm, and is great for a dinner with friends or just a couple of love-struck googly-eyed people like Chéri and I!

Let me know what you think if you head there.

Bistrot du Passage

14 Passage Geoffroy Didelot 75017 Paris

Tel : 01 43 87 28 10


*Bon appétit!*

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