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Bonne Année! From 2014 to 2015 we go…

Article by Melissa Ladd

Melissa Ladd Prete Moi Paris Noel 2014
Already a few days into the new year, and I am finally getting to a blog post. Chéri and I had a cozy romantic celebration at home just the two fo us to ring in 2015. I made us gluten free pizza and we had a movie marathon. I honestly wasn’t in the mood for anything more than that, nor was I in any condition (at 6 months pregnant) so if you didn’t know yet now you do. Voilà! Chéri and I are going to be parents!!!

2014 was a good year for Prête-Moi Paris, one where the blog celebrated 5 years up and running!

Merci à tous d’être venus à #PMP5years ! Thanks to all for coming to celebrate! ♥

Une photo publiée par Prête-Moi Paris (@pretemoiparis) le

There were restaurant invitations and testings like the Bofinger 150 year celebration.
Bofinger 150 ans par Prete Moi Paris

There was cooking at Treize Bakery….

Cooking Class @Treize Bakery, Paris

And baking at home.

CakeMart cookies
There were pastries and macarons, of course. What would Prête-Moi Paris be without those! (Plus a new found tolerance to dairy!!!)
Tea Time @ Le Meurice : Prête-Moi Paris
There was a fractured foot, that happened at the same time as I got pregnant, so trimester number 1 was spent mostly on crutches and a home. (A blessing in disguise really because who wants to feel nausea around posh clients?!?)
There were rooftops and sunsets galore shared with friends in starry-eyed wonder (I never get sick of those Paris skyline views or that twinkling Eiffel Tower).

There were fashion shows and outdoor strolls, to offer a lovely balance of content.
Carvallo HC RF14 B
We even created our own Perfume Promenade and a Prête-Moi Paris Christmas Stroll! You can DIY them when you visit the City of Light.
It's Christmas time in the city of lights!  #Paris #ChristmasInParis

And among the café breaks, art expos, a weekend in Fontainebleau and the fight with furniture delivery…there was alot, a LOT of Paris, Paris, Paris…and more Paris!

Paris in Blue and Gold

Seine Scene in the Pink
Night Seine Notre Dame

It was a year full of wonderful things. And 2015 has announced itself to be even more exciting, what with a little one arriving. It will be a new perspective to see the city through the experiences of a child, and to take on the role of parent. Chéri and I are truly blessed. I hope your year has promised to be a full and as amazing as ours…

Bonne Année 2015 my dear readers!!! And in spite of all the rising horrors and tragedies in this crazy world….  at least we have Paris!


  1. Lovely way to end 2014 and begin 2015. One of my other favorite Paris blogs – Paris Daily Photo by Eric Tenin – is no longer. He’s left this beautiful city for Malta. So I’m especially grateful to know I can still come here for my Paris fix. Please keep on keeping on and best wishes for the next 3 months for an easy pregnancy with no more accidents!

  2. Youhooo ! Heureuse d’apprendre la nouvelle, Félicitations Melissa ! Je te souhaite plein de belles surprises et des joies !
    Et si tu as envie de célébrer ta grossesse, je serais heureuse de te voir au studio 😉 Biz

  3. OMG! I am SO excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad you are safe and sound….so scary…have been thinking about you the past few days. xoxo Cannot wait to see you again! xoxo YAHOO! You will be a MUM! xoxoxo

    1. Casey! Thank you!!! I’m so excited about it to. I saw you got new work on LinkedIn. Congrats! Let’s have a FaceTime/google hangout soon, I would love to see you. XOXO

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