A friend took me this past summer to the newest fanciest place to dine in town, to celebrate my good news that Chéri and I are expecting a baby!

L’Oiseau Blanc at the new ultra luxury hotel Le Peninsula.

It was such a wonderful way to feel toasted and cared for with the most luxurious service, beautiful food and setting and a view to die for!

At the top of Le Pensinsula hotel (just next door to Le Raphael), is a haven of beauty in the form of a restaurant named after a pretty white airplane (oiseau blanc means white bird) that was the first to attempt a transatlantic flight. Its disappearance (1927) is one of aviations biggest (and longest running) mysteries. With a replica hanging outside the dinning area, the restaurant has a modernized hint of art deco style to its ensemble that is reminiscent of the time when the Oiseau Blanc flew.
We began outdoors on the terrace where the decor reminded me of something off of an elegant yacht as we sipped our cocktails (for me a mocktail) over-looking a sea of Parisian rooftops. In addition to the most polite and impeccable service we were treated to a refined menu by chef Sidney Redel, advice (for my friend) of what wines to pair with the meal by the chef sommelier, and dessert choices created by the pastry chef Julien Alvarez.
We ordered the lobster menu which was a succession of lobster and shellfish delicacies that we ate in absolute delight while gazing out at the shinning and sparkling Eiffel Tower and sharing stories about life.
Each course was a study of perfection in presentation, flavors and textures. But the absolute best part of the meal was the dessert. It was so beautiful I could hardly bring myself to eat it! But don’t worry, I did!

I can’t say enough how absolutely divine it was to receive such excellent service and to be treated with such graceful elegance. Everyone could use that once in a while, especially when you live in Paris (Paris can be an aggressive city at times). I am so grateful to have a dear friend who was happy to offer me such an indulgent and delightful evening. It was so special and pleasing that we managed to make it last from early evening to the end of the night as we were the last to leave the dinning area.

Merci ma chérie…

L’Oiseau Blanc

Cuisine : French

Contact : +331 58 12 67 30 (Make reservations WAAAAAAAAY in advance!)

Service Hours :

Lunch : 12h00 – 14h30
Diner : 19h00 – 22h30
Bar/Terrasse : 18h00 – 1h00

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  1. J’ai déjeuné là-bas fin septembre/début octobre : j’ai adoré ! Un vrai moment d’exception !

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