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Celebrating Five Years of Prête-Moi Paris!


Bientôt l’heure du goûter ! Happy birthday @pretemoiparis #pmp5years

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  It was a cosy and charming party at Treize Bakery, tucked away at the back of a darling courtyard on rue des Saints Pèeres. Friends and fellow Paris bloggers came to help toast to me and my blog. Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement.

The party was sponsored by 5 amazing people whom I care about.

Laurel of Treize Bakery hosted us in all her hospitiable glory packed with her endless enthusiasm and warmpth. A true friend indeed, she also offered up a gift certificate for the free raffle at the end. Laurel I can’t thank you enough, you never cease to amaze me with your generosity.

Charles, of Charles Gillman Cosmetics, that charming English chap that has entered my Parisian life by way of an incredible wedding inspiration shoot… also offered up a gift bag of his beauty line products. He promotes natural beauty and is a talented makeup artist. Charles, thank you for being a part of my blog, and my life. You bring so much dashing wit into my life!  



Merci à tous d’être venus à #PMP5years ! Thanks to all for coming to celebrate! ♥ Afficher sur Instagram

Alexis Leroy, owner of Gab & Jo, entered the life of my blog through a luxury apartment visit for the blog a few years ago. We have kept in touch and now I am beyond thrilled to continue to support his newest endeavor, a boutique in the heart of the capital selling the most intriguing items all Made In France. Alexis is one of the more enthusiastic Frenchies I have met in my 13 years here… Get all your holiday gifts for giving at his darling shop and indulge in his winning personailty. There’s something for everyone. Thank you Alexis for your amazing positive attitude and your generos gifts for the raffle!

Michael Pereira my dancer and life coach friend whom I was blessed to acquire in my life this past Summer has been such and amazing positive infuence on me and I want to share his light with everyone I know! He writes an inspiring blog, teaches dance, performs and offers his wealth of positive energy as a budding life coach. He offered a life coaching session for the raffle. Thank you Michael for being the amazing person that you are and in giving so much of yourself with such spontenaity. You are a true gift. And last but certainly not least Paul Waters who owns the Cake & Bake shop in the trendy part of the 10th and who at such a young age has shown impressive courage in starting his own business and products line. I have been in awe of this young man ever since I met him. Thank you Paul for your fantastic gifts for the raffle and for being a darling part of my blog and my Paris life.



  Les beaux amis de PreteMoiParis! #pmp5years   Afficher sur Instagram

And to all who came or sent along their well wishes, MERCI BEAUCOUP!

After so many streets meandered, so many thousands of photos taken, so many many many words written, so many amazing connections made, I can definitely say it has been five hectic years of blogging, and I am aware of the blessing it has brought to my life; the friends it has helped me find; the incredible experiences it has offered to me… And I hope to continue for many years to come. With all your continued support and all the delightful interactions from my readers, I am sure I’ll find the enrgy to keep going.

*Bisous to all!*


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