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Easy and Trendy Bogger Style


Fashion week is always a hectic time for serious fashion bloggers. Long hours, lots of travel back and forth to the venues and not much time to take care of yourself, all while needing to look trendy and fashion forward. Not always easy to feel comfortable in these kinds of situations.
But I have a solution for you! Let’s call it the “basics and bangles” way of packing for your fashion week travels.
Here are the tips to keep you smiling and comfortable as you finagle a way to look totally deserving of that front row seat you just snagged when no one was watching… (yeah I know what it’s like!)

  • From your closet, chose basics that you feel comfortable in and that fit you well.
  • Make sure your choices can be easily mixed and matched.
  • Bring a few pairs of shoes and steer clear of the high heels for attending shows (take one pair of heels for after parties only).
  • Load up on great statement fashion jewelry to make your outfits stand out and even compete with the trendiest of fashionistas.

I have found the site that is the utmost for fashion jewelry, and fine jewelry alike (depending on your budget). Imagine dozens of designers all on one well organized website. Chose by style, by item, or by designer. You can even share via social media direct from their site to show off your favorite finds. What is this fabulous site you ask??? Jewelry from Fragments has been seen in quite a few fashion magazines, and their selection is at the top of the jewelry trends.

Fragments Jewelry

I had a blast browsing their site and picking out some of my favorites. I have created  four outfits that are easy and perfect for fashion week frolicking, so you can spend more energy having fun, rather than feeling uncomfortable in an unrealistic get-up. As you can see i have stuck to basic colors, and only added one top with a bright hue. This is for easy mixing and matching. Let the jewelry do the trendy talking.

Blogger Style for Fashion Week
 I fell in love with the designs of Ashley Pittman, who creates handmade bone fashion jewelry that is both elegant and versatile. These are the bangles in the above right hand collage. They are gorgeous! 225$ for the while pile! The earrings below on the right are also by the same designer, and are a bit higher in price but they are so fabulous you can dress an outfit up with them, or make an elegant ensemble slightly more dangerous by adding these to a little black dress number.
Studs and studded accessories are still a hit in the frantic world of fashion and Fragments offers a lot of très cool designs with this trend. Vita Fede is another jewelry designer that Fragments carries, that I really like and who does a great job capturing the studded look without over-doing it. In the collage on the left below is her Titan Chain necklace in silver plated and crystals. It’s subtle and can be worn with many different outfits. The black studded bangle below is also by this same designer, as well as the bangle bracelet on the right below.
I’m also totally in love with this Anton Heunis onyx tassel necklace seen in the collage on the right below. Fun facts about this ultra cool designer as described on the Fragments website : He listens to Mozart, wears a silver wedding band and secretly wears socks in the summer.
Easy Blogger Style
One thing I really appreciate on the Fragments website, is the way they put value in the identity of the different designers they carry. Each one has a 5 personal facts about them on the page dedicated to their particular designs. I think it makes buying jewelry a lot more personal when you know a little something about the person who has created it.
Check out Fragments and leave a comment below with a link to your favorite piece!

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