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Project Optimism : The Perks of Being in a Cast in Paris

FIVE WEEKS. Five long weeks with a resin made “ball and chain” stretching from the start of my toes to just below my knee. Misery, you would think. And yes while it was cumbersome, and the novelty got old really fast, I like to look on the bright side and have decided to reflect on the perks of wearing a cast in Paris. Call it a version of project optimism

  •  People give up their seat on the bus for you. If you are a commuter in Paris, (or in any large metropolis for that matter, you know how coveted seats are. Well a cast guarantees you that someone will get off their derrière and let you pose yours. #WIN!

intérieur de bus (PARIS,FR75)

  • Magically, like disguised angels, some Parisians appear and help you with your groceries as you are struggling to get in your heavy apartment building door on one foot and fighting a loosing battle with crutches. And you thought there were no kind and generous Parisians!

D'après l'hôtel Gavarni, il faut réfléchir à 2 fois avant de jeter cette baguette !

  • Friends come over to see you at home. It’s fantastic! Suddenly your schedule opens up, and people make the effort to go to you.

Tea time at home prepped for my #bestie! #smoothies #summerinparis  #macarons

  • Speaking of those crutches, you build some nice toned arm muscles! Hauling yourself around with the strength of your own two arms is a great work out. Forget the aquabike! Go to your pharmacy and get some crutches people!

Toned arms

  • I didn’t plan on it, but it just so happens that my injury landed right before/during summer vacation time. this = extra “vacation” time! Well, it does get boring not being able to go out and do much, but for once I am forced to rest, something I NEVER do. I had time to do a pedicure more than once, to read books, watch movies, and being on social media so much that I kinda got bored of it.

Rainy day pedicure, with bubble gum colored & scented polish! #ThingsToDoWithACastOnYourFoot

  • But let’s face it, a cast is not very aesthetic. It’s downright “moche” if you ask me. But, that meant hoping on the computer for a quick online fashion shopping session, to be delivered to the door, thank-you-very-much. Long summer sun dresses! Long enough to cover the ugly cast, but fun and easy to wear when stuck in an off-white-less-than-glam “boot”.


  • Chéri did A LOT of the cooking and cleaning. Like mega hero amount of picking up the slack that I couldn’t handle. Plus, he improved his master chef skills, and makes a fancy sauce marchand de vin to go with a succulent bavette steak. This from a man who when I met him didn’t know how to cook rice!

Chéri made an exquisite dinner!

Now I am cast-free, but still hobbling around with crutches as my injury heals a little bit more every day. Hopefully by the end of August 2014, I’ll be able to run around Paris as usual.

So, as rough as it was to suffer through, I have been lucky with this foot injury. And in the meantime, I have learned a lot, A LOT about patience.


  1. This looks Oh so familiar, though my sentence was a little shorter. Parisians could not be kinder. And isn’t it lovely when you can get out and about again! You get to appreciate Paris all over again.
    ‘Bon courage’ as I kept hearing.

    1. ParisBreakfast, I heard you wear in the same boat as me! Glad you didn’t have so long. Let’s plan a breakfast for the beginning of September if you are up for it! 🙂

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