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Move Over Macaron l’Éclair De Génie Has Appeared!

Eclair de Genie, Paris I headed off to the Marais the other day with friends Frank and Patricia, for a little indulgence. Our destination was the very talked-about very blogged-about Éclaire de Génie; a little concept store éclair shop, created by Christophe Adam, that is making the foodie scene turn their heads from the ever-famous over-instagramed (yes, I’m guilty) macaron. The éclairs are about twice the price of a single macaron, but they are at least twice as big, if not three times, and they are quite a bit more  complex. With a whole slew of flavors to chose from, with eye-pleasing decorations and colors, these new sweet bites may very well take over the throne that the macaron has claimed for the past handful of years.

Go and indulge for yourself…
Adresse : 14 Rue Pavée, 75004 Paris
Téléphone :01 42 77 85 11

The lovely staff working there when we arrived was young, friendly, fun and international, and more than happy to pose for photos! Not only does this concept store know how to create and produce a great product, but they also understand the idea of great customer service and enthusiasm. I was thrilled. Sometimes enthusiasm can be a bit lacking in France. And, well, you can take this American out of America, but you cannot take the America out of this “américaine“. I LOVE enthusiam!
Eclair de Genie, Paris
Eclair de Genie, Paris
Eclair de Genie, Paris
So after we enthusiastically set about taking a zillion pictures (bloggers tend to do this before ordering or eating anything)…  theeeen we turned out attention to carefully select our deliciously divine éclair. I chose the vanilla and green apple with beautiful gold flakes adorning the top of it’s glossy green glazed topping. The pastry puff was just moist enough to make biting into it a spongy delight, and the creamy center was full of flavor. Perfeeeection!

We enjoyed our treats slowly to make them last longer, while chatting, laughing and dancing around the music filled boutique as we also continued to snap shots of the chocolates that they also offer, the recipe books, the display… It was a moment of pure fun, and ultimate indulgence. I will be going back.

For the balmy weather season (that we are supposed to be having but aren’t) they are offering frozen éclair pops called “éclairs glacés” … you have GOT to see these…

Leave a comment below and let us know if you have been there, what flavor you had and how you think it compares to a macaron?!?
Eclair de Genie, Paris
Eclair de Genie, Paris

Eclair de Genie, Paris


  1. LOVE this post!!! Thank you for the shout-out. You totally captured our lovely outing there! And YUM that picture of the inside of the green eclair; my mouth just watered! You are so talented, lovely 🙂 xx

    1. Thank you for bringing me there Patricia! It was such a fun afternoon, and such a great concept shop to discover. What is your favorite eclair flavor by the way?

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